Wednesday OPP

【WED OPP 🌟 健康与创业分享】

04/03/2020的WED OPP,赢升公司领袖级人物Mr Hau分享了许多心得及经历,例如如如何又能赚钱又能去免费旅游、如何提升自己的健康与知识、如何享受时间自由及扩展自己得生活圈子等等。

没有出席的,没关系,现在赢升MY LIBRARY里也能观看到这位领袖级人物得精彩解说!
【WED OPP 🌟 Health & Business Sharing】
During WED OPP on 04/03/2020, Insaan’s top leader, Mr Hau had shared many experiences of his own at insaan, for instance how to gain extra ordinary income and free trip, how to improve your health and knowledge, how to enjoy time freedom and expand life circle.  

For those who missed this sharing, don’t worry. You can also view this video in MY LIBRARY now!

2020 03 04 Mr Hau Health Sharing 01

200312 Wed OPP Hau 200311 Video


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Activity Period: 01/01/2020-31/12/2020
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