Policies & Procedures


  1. Before joining Al-Insaan Company to build your multi-level marketing business, you must carefully read and understand the policies and procedures of the Company.
  2. You must comply with all of the terms stated in【Policies and Procedures】, 【Distributor Application Form and Agreement】, 【Sponsor Application Form and Agreement】 and 【Company Incentive System】which are set by the Company.
  3. The Management has the right to amend or remove any terms or prices. However, the Company will duly notify all distributors before any amendment or deletion.


  1. To ensure smooth business operations and development
  2. To assist distributors to develop and secure business

1.0 Application To Become A Distributor And Sponsor

1.1 Distributor:

1.1.1 Basic Requirements:

  1. Age of 18 and above.
  2. Sponsored by only one Distributor of the Company.
  3. Not a permanent staff of the Company.
  4. Must submit Distributor Application Form with a minimum joining fee.
  5. He/she officially becomes a distributor after the approval of the application and issuance of an ID code.
  6. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any Distributor Application.

1.1.2 Benefits:

  1. Purchase products at member price.
  2. Can earn retail profits.
  3. Can earn bonuses and commissions in accordance with the Company Marketing Plan.
  4. Can sponsor down lines to build personal networks.
  5. Can obtain Company's support and services, eg. training courses, business opportunity meetings and other promotional activities.

1.1.3 Surrender a Distributorship

  1. The Agreement shall be transferred to the Distributor's beneficiary as stated in the Distributor Application Form.
  2. Legal proof of right of the beneficiaries to the Distributor business must be provided to the Company.

1.1.4 Inheritance

  1. A Distributor must resign by giving written notice to the Company.
  2. If a Distributor resigns, he/she may NOT re-apply for a new Distributorship for SIX months from the notice of termination by the Company.
  3. If a distributor’s purchases do not exceed a total of 100BV for a period of 12 months, his account shall be deemed to be inactive and no longer operable.

1.2 Sponsor

1.2.1 Basic Requirements:

  1. A Sponsor must be an existing legal Distributor of the Company and fulfils all the Company's requirements.
  2. Must obtain the consent of the New Distributor as they have the right to choose their own sponsor.
  3. Must be able to assist, train and educate the New Distributor whom they sponsor.

1.2.2 Benefits:

  1. Can get more incentive bonuses and commissions.
  2. Can become a leader, sponsor down liners to build personal networks.

1.2.3 Change Sponsorship:

  1. Any change of sponsorship is not allowed, He/she must resign from own distributorship before he/she can re-select sponsor.
  2. Neither all nor part of the individual network is allowed to be transferred to the applicant in the case of changing of sponsor.

1.3 The Responsibilities of Distributor and Sponsor:

  1. Must comply with Company policies and procedures.
  2. Must notify the Company if the personal information such as: contact address and numbers is changed.
  3. Must promote and protect the reputation and integrity of Company and products.
  4. Must give all reliable data and information when promoting Company’s products and services.
  5. Must competently master Company background, products and marketing plan.
  6. Must bear all relevant and necessary fees and expenses for own business.
  7. Must buy Distributor’s Sales Kit and any other sales aids such as CDs, brochures, publications.
  8. Must attend the Company's business seminars and other training courses with neat attire.
  9. Must take care, service and supervise own down liners or customers.

2.0 Al-Insaan Multi-Level Marketing Business Affairs

2.1 Basic Obligations of Conduct:

2.1.1 Conflict of interest:

  1. The distributor is strictly prohibited from exhibiting non-Company products or services when he/she is selling Company products.
  2. The distributor is strictly prohibited from promoting non-Company products or services in any Company activity or meeting.
  3. The distributor is strictly prohibited from joining or recommending other distributors to join any other companies of similar nature of business.
  4. No distributor is allowed to operate any geographical area exclusively.
  5. Company reserves the right to terminate any distributor if they are involved in any harmful activities that may harm the Company and partners' interests.

2.1.2 "Grab Line":

  1. "Grab Line" : sponsor the existing distributor and sign he/she under a different sponsor.
  2. Line Grabbing is strictly prohibited and the Company will take disciplinary action when it is discovered and proven.
  3. 2.1.3 Stock Piling or Dumping of Products:

  4. The Company strictly prohibits the purchase of inventory in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses except Mobile Stockist.
  5. Distributors must sell and distribute products according to the fixed prices. No price under-cutting is allowed.

2.1.4 Malicious slander:

  1. Company open to receive any constructive information, advice or comment for the sake of Company to grow better.
  2. Distributors are not allowed to deliberately slander or belittle the Company, products, or other distributor's reputation.
  3. 2.1.5 Deal with a dispute between distributors:

  4. If there is any allegation of misconduct against any distributors, a detailed report and evidence must be submitted to the Company for further investigation. No distributor is allowed to take uni-lateral action.
  5. Appeal can be made in writing to the Company. No distributor is allowed to take uni-lateral action.

2.1.6 Violation of Trade Marks, Trade Names & Copyrighted Materials:

  1. Any distributors who wish to use the Al-Insaan name, trademarks or copyrighted materials must obtain approval from the Company.
  2. Any distributors who wish to print out own sales aids materials must obtain approval from the Company.
  3. Any video and audio taping is absolutely not permitted unless prior approval from the Company is attained.

2.2 Sales, Bonuses and others:

  1. Daily bonuses and commissions will be issued in accordance with Company marketing plan.
  2. Distributor can choose to accumulate BV or use it to buy products.
  3. Any queries should be made within 1 month from the issuing date of the statement, after which date, no claim shall be entertained.
  4. The value showed in the system (e-cash, e-point or bonuses) is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). 1 e-cash = RM1 and 1 e-point = RM1.
  5. A minimal administration fee will be imposed for each transaction in bonus withdrawal and distributors have to provide their bank account's details to the Company.
  6. Company will follow the preset currency exchange rate for e-cash/e-point or bonus withdrawal and Company reserves the right to amend the rate from time to time.
  7. E-cash transfer between distributors in different countries is not permissible. Only direct lines within the same country can perform the e-cash transfer.

2.3 Income Tax:

  1. The Company will follow the requirements of tax authority and submit all supporting documents based on annual income of distributors.
  2. All distributors shall pay the income tax charges by themselves.

2.4 Sale of Distributorship:

  1. The distributor must write in to the Company for approval before any sale of distributorship can be made. Approval is based on the review of the proposed purchaser's qualification and intention to manage and will be ubjected to the consent and approval of the Company.
  2. The sales of distributorship shall be handled through the following preferential order:
    • First Priority: The distributor's immediate sponsor
    • Second Priority: Any up line distributor
    • Third Priority: One of the down line distributor sponsored by the Distributor
  3. Upon approval of the sale by the Company, a Sale and Purchase agreement must be signed between the buyer and seller. A copy of the duty stamped sale and purchase agreement must be extended to the Company for filing.
  4. Any distributor who has sold his/her distributorship can only apply to join as Al-Inssan Distributor after 6 months from the date of the sale of transfer. Accordingly, he/she will start from the very beginning as if he/she is a newly joined member.
  5. All bonuses earned by the sold distributorship will be paid to the new owner.
  6. The Company reserves the right to withhold approval of any sale or transfer of distributorship without having to give any reason.

2.5 Product Purchasing:

  1. All products can be obtained directly from the Company, distributor or Mobile Stockist
  2. Distributor must not place personal orders in other Distributor's name.
  3. No BV or RV transfer is allowed among distributors (except for Mobile Stockist, for maintenance / registration and upgrade purpose only).
  4. Proprietary rights to the product will only pass from the Company to the customer upon full payment and acceptance of the purchase order by the Company.(Money order,Cash,Credit card,e Wallet points)
  5. For all deliveries services, shipping and handling charges will be charged in accordance with rates set by the Company.

2.6 Product Warranty:

2.6.1 Retail Customer:

  1. In case of dissatisfaction with product, Customer may return the product to the distributor who sold it to you, together with proof of purchase within 30 days. This product return warranty is limited to a maximum value of RM500 within a 6-month period.
  2. The distributor shall:
    • Offer a replacement of the same product
    • Offer full refund of the purchase price to the customer
  3. Customer must state the reason for the product return on the back of the sales receipt.
  4. The product warranty does not cover products that are intentionally damaged or misused.
  5. If the request for product exchange or refund is made directly to the Company, the Customer must provide proof of purchase/sales receipt and Company shall deduct the product BV plus a 5% handling charge.

2.6.2 Distributor:

  1. When Distributor makes any purchase of Insaan products, he is deemed to be doing so on the basis of Customer orders and/or that at least 70% of Insaan products previously purchased have been supplied to Customers and need to be replenished.
  2. Having been in compliance with 2.6.2a, Distributor may return products that are still in re-saleable condition with a minimum 6-month period, provided that all necessary proof of purchase is duly submitted.
  3. If a Distributor requests for a cash refund for bulk unsold, re-saleable products, he shall be deemed to have an intention to terminate his distributorship with the Company. The Company shall accordingly process the cash refund after deducting all bonuses and incentives paid out plus a 5% handling charge.

2.7 International Sponsoring:

  1. Distributors should be aware that prices may vary from country to country due to governing economic influences such as taxation, freight and importation duties.
  2. Distributors just need to register their distributorship once for a lifetime.
  3. Example 1: Malaysia distributor can only apply to become Malaysia Mobile Stockist.
  4. Distributors can perform inter-country sponsoring wherever Company is authorized to conduct business but the Company shall not process any inter-country product ordering or delivery.

2.8 Mobile Stockist:

2.8.1 Requirement to become a Mobile Stockist:

  1. Must register as Insaan Distributor and qualify at least as a Platinum Member.
  2. Must have basic computer knowledge.
  3. Must attend mandatory Company Trainings (RTS and Mobile Stockist Training).
  4. Must purchase the Mobile Stockist Package.
  5. Minimum monthly sales performance of RM500 is required, the Company reserves the right to terminate the qualification for failure to meet minimum sales.

2.8.2 Responsibility of a Mobile Stockist:

  1. Service their own down lines or network in sales key-in, stock arrangement and etc.
  2. Action of ‘holding sales' is not permissible.
  3. E-points transfer or any other sales activities between Mobile Stockists are not permissible.

2.8.3 Inter-country Regulation:

  1. Distributorship of the respective country can only apply as the Mobile Stockist in the said country.
    Example 1: Malaysia distributor can only apply to become Malaysia Mobile Stockist.
    Example 2: Singapore distributor can only apply to become Singapore Mobile Stockist.
  2. Inter-country stock transaction is not permissible which means Mobile Stockist can only order / purchase products or perform any sales transaction in their respective country.
    Example: Malaysia Mobile Stockist makes order for Malaysia distributor and courier service is only allowed within Malaysia and vice versa.