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Crown Gamat

Health & Beauty Starts From Within

Crown Gamat content

Crown Gamat Jelly, is made from two nutritious ingredients from sea – Golden Sea Cucumber and land – God’s Crown fruit, resulting in a good combination formulation. Using our proprietary extraction technology that delivers more benefits, our product comes in a never-before refreshing jelly form. It is a natural health supplement food for all!

KKLIU no.: 2936/2020
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Sama Koffe

Sharing Moments Together

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Are you constantly feeling exhausted, reluctantly dragging yourself out of bed each morning? You are not the only one! Fatigue is common and is believed to affect 1 in 5 people. Prolonged fatigue can affect our concentration and lower our productivity level.

What’s better than having a cup of coffee to kick-start your day? SAMA KOFFE is your ideal energy booster to keep you going! SAMA KOFFE premium 7-in-1 instant premix coffee is a unique blend of aromatic Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, enriched with 3 types of natural Tongkat Ali extract, bamboo salt, stevia and other precious ingredients. This perfectly blended brew will impress most coffee lovers and also provides an energy boost packed with natural goodness!

Enjoy a perfect SAMA KOFFE anytime of the day!


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Gamat Asli

Miracle from the Sea

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What is Gamat (Sea Cucumber)?
Consumed for generations as “Gamat” to Malays and “Hai Shen” to the Chinese, the nutrient-rich sea cucumber (Stichopus Variegatus) is a marine animal with an elongated, cucumber-like shaped body.

Insaan Gamat Asli
Insaan Gamat Asli is a whole extract with high concentration of gamat. The strictest standards are maintained during the extraction process, using one of the best and cleanest bio-technology procedures.

Presented in consistent jelly form with a refreshing winter-melon flavour, Insaan Gamat Asli is a good daily supplement for young and old!

KKLIU no.: 2935/2020
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Traditionally used for general health.

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The Nutrigenomics Superfood

PEPAR LIFE content

Nowadays, people are not only accustomed to over-refined foods but are also exposed to various external environmental pollution, radiation and so on. These factors have led people to be unable to get sufficient and the right nutrients from their daily diet. It has also been determined that the degree of cell and genetic damage is significantly larger today than for people who lived in the early 19th century.

[Chlorella Vulgaris] is a new species of algae. It is considered “The King of Algae” because it has high nutritional value among the algae family. 

PEPAR LIFE contain 100% Chlorella Vulgaris and its thin membrane ensure good absorption and assimilation. Thus, it is known as a natural green health product that provides benefits to the body.

KKLIU no.: 3172/2017
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