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As we all know, most of the food eaten will follow digestion and the nutrients will be absorbed through small intestines. The food residues will be excreted out through the colon. However, only a few of people realize that the harmful effects of processed foods in our modern diet will cause the deterioration of digestive system and accumulation of toxins in body.

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If the above conditions are not addressed, it will affect the absorption of nutrients and inadequate intake of nourishment by our cells. Furthermore, intestinal health will surely be impacted and threaten human health.


What is GREENZ?

GREENZ is a unique dietary fiber formulation that helps to detoxify and cleanse our intestines. Aside from containing the essences of 20 types of fruits and vegetables, it also contains probiotics, prebiotics and other intestinal-friendly ingredients. By feeding the right nutrients to the intestines, it can effectively restore the colon’s health. 

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{tab Functions}

20 types of fruits and vegetables essence, rice bran & psyllium husk
(soluble & insoluble fiber)
  • Soften stools & eliminates debris
  • Bulks up the stools & smoothens the passing of stools
Probiotic Blend
  • Improves bowel movement
  • Balances the ecology of the microflora
  • Food for the probiotics
NeOpuntia® patented Cactus fiber
  • Absorbs & eliminates oily waste in the intestines
  • Promotes food digestion & absorption
American Ginseng
  • Good for energy & refreshing mind
Bee Pollen
  • Strengthens muscle tone for better bowel movement
  • Anti-bacterial effect

{tab Active Ingredients}

  • 20 types of fruits and vegetables essence
  • Rice bran
  • Psyllium husk
  • Probiotic
  • Prebiotic
  • NeOpuntia® patented Cactus fiber
  • ChlorozymeTM
  • American Ginseng
  • Bee Pollen

{tab Directions of use}

(13g x 20 sachets)
Dissolve 1 sachet of GREENZ into 200ml of water, shake well and drink immediately. Take 1-2 times a day before meals. 
Intake of 2-2.5 litres of plain water per day is necessary for better results.

{tab FAQ}

1. What is GREENZ?

GREENZ is a unique fiber formulation that helps to detoxify and cleanse our intestines. It does not only contain 20 types of fruits and vegetables essence, but also probiotics, prebiotics and other intestine-friendly ingredients. By feeding the right nutrients to the intestines, it restores health to the colon.

2. Why do I need it?

Our modern diet is full of processed food that is lacking in fiber and intestine-friendly ingredients. Furthermore, undigested food particles remain stuck to the intestinal walls and cause dysfunction of the intestines. GREENZ fiber supplement will help remove such undigested food particles before they can harm us. GREENZ fiber supplement also provides vital nutrients for maintaining our intestinal health.

3. What is the difference between GREENZ and other fiber products?

Each product has its own unique features. GREENZ provide not only fibers, pro & prebiotic's blends that help to restore and cleanse the intestines, it also has:

  • NeOpuntia®: a patented ingredient that helps to absorb oily waste that may be stuck to the intestinal lining
  • ChlorozymeTM: unique enzymes that promote complete digestion and better absorption of nutrients
  • American ginseng: to increase mental alertness during detoxification
  • Bee pollen: has anti-bacterial effects. 

4. What can I expect from it? When to expect the benefits?

Initially, you will experience smoother bowel movement with bulkier stools. As more waste and toxins from the colon are eliminated, you may see improvement in the body fat content, skin condition, energy level, immunity and reduction in the risk of getting degenerative diseases. You may start to experience the benefits 1-3 days after taking the product. 

5. Who should take it?

 GREENZ is very suitable for those who are constipated, have irregular bowel movement, have piles, eat out frequently, big eaters, eat fat-laden foods or meats, wish to detoxify. 

6. How and when to take it?

Dissolve 1 sachet of GREENZ into 200ml of water, shake well and drink immediately. Take 1-2 times a day before meals. Intake of 2 - 2.5 liters of plain water is necessary for better results. If you are taking any medicine, please do so at least 1 hour apart. 

7. Is there any harm in long term consumption? Will it cause dependency?

 It is good to consume GREENZ in a three-month cycle for better health regulation. Subsequently, they may consume as and when the need arises, or reduces the dosage to half for maintenance purposes. 

Frankly, GREENZ may be a good alternative for those who do not consume enough fruits or vegetables daily. However, we always advise customers to maintain healthy eating habits and preferably not be dependent on supplements.

8. Who should exercise caution before taking it?

Those with the following symptoms or conditions should get professional advice before taking:  

  • After surgery of small intestines, colon/appendix
  • Suffering severe polyps or intestinal blockage
  • Pregnancy
 Download FAQ for GREENZ (PDF, 244KB)

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