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We know that most of what we eat will be digested and absorbed in the small intestines. What our body cannot use will then be expelled as waste through the colon.But few of us fully realize the harmful effects of processed foods in our modern diet that create a lot of toxins in the body and leads to the deterioration of digestive system.

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If the above conditions are not addressed, it will affect the absorption of nutrients which really means we won’t get the goodness from our food. Furthermore, intestinal health will surely be impacted and long term damage may result in chronic disease.

What is GREENZ?
GREENZ is a unique fiber formulation that helps to detoxify and cleanse our intestines. It not only contains the essences of 20 types of fruits and vegetables, but also probiotics, prebiotics and other intestinal-friendly ingredients. By feeding the right nutrients to the intestines, it can effectively restore the colon.

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