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Probiotics are little GUARDs for health that occur naturally inside human body! Stress, drug abuse, antibiotics, inadequate exercise, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking alcohol cause of gut flora imbalance! This leads to harmful bacteria becoming excessive and toxins will start to accumulate. A toxic body environment leads to a series of underlying disease, e.g. obesity, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, colitis and even cancer! Hence, supplementation of probiotics is no longer a luxury but a need in these days of prevalent toxins!

 1  - The only 1 in the world manufactured using Europe patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology
 9  - 9 strains of proprietary probiotics from human origin
 3  - 3 target zones (Stomach; Intestines; Colon)

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{tab Functions}

  • Maintain the balance of intestinal flora
  • Reduce gastro-intestinal discomfort and constipation
  • Prevent Candida Infections and promote genital health
  • Suppress the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Strengthen immune function
  • Aid in digestion and nutrient absorption

Why CryoBac 193?

  • Colon Care New Formula – Probiotics and prebiotics blends!
  • Specially selected from human colostrum, the body’s first and most suitable probiotics!
  • Enhanced Count – Pro-Active 5 Billion CFU Probiotics!
  • Proven Stability – Resistant to gastric, bile acid, high temperature!
  • Added with prebiotics, stimulate the growth and survival of probiotics in the gut!
  • Enhanced with dietary fiber, stimulate intestinal peristalsis!
  • 100% natural, safe and effective and convenient on-the-go sachets!

{tab Active Ingredients}

Probiotics, Pectin, Inulin, Polysaccharides, Celery Powder, Barley Powder, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Aloe Vera Juice Powder, Lemon Juice Powder

{tab Directions of use}

(2g x 30 sachets)
Take 1 sachet daily, mix with warm water or juice and consume. It is best taken before meal.

{tab FAQ}

1. What is CryoBac 193?

 CryoBac 193 is an enhanced colon-care formulation with a proprietary blend of probiotics and prebiotics working synergistically to Rejuvenate-Restore-Nourish the digestive system to provide the best protection against bad bacteria and pathogens! Clearly CryoBac 193 is one of the most complete products in the probiotic segment and is a great way to guard our intestinal and overall health!

2. What are the differences between Probiotic and Prebiotic?

 Many people cannot differentiate probiotics and prebiotics as the names are quite similar. Actually, they are not the same. Probiotics are the bacteria itself that help to maintain intestinal flora balance whilst prebiotics are the food for probiotics to increase the activity and encourage propagation of probiotics! Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that stay in human intestines. These bacteria can help improve metabolic process which create beneficial substances that can’t be produced by the human body itself, for eg. Vitamin K. The lack of these bacteria, or an imbalance in such flora will weaken the body's immune system and induce diseases. So it is vital for the bacteria to be at an optimal level to maintain the desired health. A wide range of probiotics, including: Lactobacillus, Bifidus, Saccharomyces Boulardii, etc., can stabilize the composition of gut bacteria; inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, thus enhancing the immunization capacity of the digestive tract.

3. Why do we need to replenish probiotics?

 We live in a stressful environment, with frequent exposure to air and water pollution; our daily diet is often unhealthy where we consume too much meats and fats, too much refined and processed foods, with insufficient intake of fibre. Also, there is excessive use of antibiotics and synthetic drugs. As a result, our body's intestinal flora is affected, including their composition, quantity and balance. The imbalance of intestinal flora in vivo will cause a range of potentially deadly diseases. It is inevitable that we need to replenish with probiotics to avoid such diseases.

4. What is the best form of commercialized probiotics? Liquid or solid? Powder or capsule?

 Generally, liquid probiotic products’ shelf life is only two weeks and must be kept refrigerated. Furthermore, the probiotic count may also significantly decrease over time. CryoBac 193 on the other hand, is prepared in powder form. Using Europe patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology; CryoBac 193 is clinically proven to have better shelf-life, stability and viability in the intestines.

5. What are the uniquenesses of CryoBac 193?

 Most probiotics available in the market cannot survive through the digestive tract. With patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology, CryoBac 193 is proven clinically to deliver active, live probiotics safely to our intestines as it can survive through gastric juice and bile acid. In addition, probiotics found in CryoBac 193 are cultured specifically from human milk and have the best compatibility to our body! It also delivers the right quantities of the right probiotics to the right target areas!

6. How many types of probiotics are inside CryoBac 193 and why?

 There are nine strains of probiotics in the product. These are the major probiotics in human milk and thus have the best compatibility with human body. They are also formulated in substantial live counts for maximum efficacy.

7. Why are some of the probiotic products available in the market containing higher CFU number compared to CryoBac 193? Does it mean they are more effective?

 CFU (colony forming units) is a unit of measure for living bacteria cells. Actually, CFU is not the key criteria used to select probiotic products, most importantly, is the probiotic’s delivery technology used. Cryo-Bac Pro-active Technology protects the probiotics from being destroyed before they reach the intestinal tract. It is meaningless to have a high count of probiotics if they are not safely delivered to the intestines. Besides that, 9 strains of our probiotics from human origin are very important for human body needs. Europe-patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology will ensure well absorption by human body, remain bioactivity of the probiotics and to be effective at right place.

8. Do I need CryoBac 193 everyday? Can I take it on alternate days?

 You can take CryoBac 193 on alternate days if you are able to control your own daily diet and ensure sufficient fibers. Otherwise, it is better to take one sachet daily to maintain optimal health.

9. How long do I need to take to see the effect?

 It varies among individuals. Generally, effects can be seen within 3-5 days, particularly on increase frequency of defecation and change in consistency of the stool except for people with digestive problems.

10. What are the effects that can be observed after consuming CryoBac 193?

 It varies among individuals. The most direct response is through your feces. Normally, the process of defecation becomes smooth, the color of feces is usually lighter or slightly yellowish. For people who have had long-term constipation, the color of feces tends to be darker. However, it will turn to be normal after a few days.

11. Who need to replenish probiotics?

 Weak groups: elderly, children and women. People who need urgent replenishment: people after antibiotics treatment; regular smokers, alcohol drinkers; people with constipation, sedentary lifestyle working adults, computer users; cardiovascular and liver disease patients, cancer patients after chemotherapy and others.

12. Can cancer patients take CryoBac 193?

 During chemotherapy or radiotherapy, supplementation of probiotics may not be effective as patient is weak and the drugs will also destroy the bacteria. Thus, it is recommended to take the CryoBac 193 product after treatments to boost the immune system and help body to recover faster. 
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