Wednesday OPP

2019.09.18 Yap OPP 01


2019年,我们又踏进全新的Wed OPP啦!

凡出席Wed OPP者将可以得到一张Chop n GO,
每出席一场Wed OPP可以获得1个印花。
集满6个印花只需付RM5即可 购买到1瓶价值RM 79的金海参。
集满 12个印花只需付RM10即可购买到 1盒价值RM 154的193益生菌。

大家踊跃参与赢升Wed OPP噢!❤

Updated version of Wed OPP!
Collect stamps to redeem promotion

Whoever attends Wed OPP will be able to get a Chop n GO,
A stamp will be given on each attendance of Wed OPP.
Collect 6 stamps to get 1 bottle of Gamat at RM5 that worth RM79.
Collect 12 stamps to get 1 box of CryoBac 193 at RM10 that worth RM154.

This event commences effective today till 31/12/2019
Come and join Insaan Wed OPP in 2019❤

chop card 2019 flyer 01