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Crown Gamat Gel

Glow with Confidence!

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CROWN GAMAT (CG) GEL is the result of decades of research and science on Gamat with stringent manufacturing practices & innovative product processing.

What Is Gamat(Sea Cucumber)?

Sea cucumber (Stichopus Variegatus) is a marine animal with an elongated, cucumber-like shaped body, which has been consumed for generations as “Gamat” to Malays and “Hai Shen” to the Chinese communities. Traditionally, Gamat has been used topically for wound healing or treatment of skin problems, and has also been applied on the face and body to beautify the skin.

Insaan’s superb star product, GAMAT ASLI has achieved sales of a few million bottles. Indeed, a few thousand bottles are sold every day! The impressive sales volume underlines the effectiveness and miraculous benefits of this product! Since its rollout, GAMAT ASLI has proven its undisputed efficacy and benefit to customer’s health and healing, specifically in relation to skin problems eg. Skin lesions/cuts/burns; inflamed, sensitive skin; uneven skin tone; dark skin; black spots, etc.

A Good product speaks for itself !

Notwithstanding GAMAT ASLI’s remarkable success, we continue to strive for excellence to serve our customer better.

And today, we are proud to announce our launch of another series of INSAAN GAMAT ASLI product, namely the CROWN GAMAT (CG) GEL. In this version, it is presented in the form of an innovative body care gel! This all-new proprietary 5-in-1 product formula, contains powerful ingredients in addition to the original Golden Sea Cucumber extract! We have also added Aloe Vera extract, Comfrey Flower extract (Allantoin), Vitamin C and ProVitamin B5 to further enhance the overall skin-beautifying effects of the product!

New breakthrough, skin-beautifying All-in-One CG GEL!


Solution of Professional Fitness!

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SO-PRO is a highly nutritious protein drink, packed with many well-researched and scientifically proven patented ingredients. 6 years in the making, SO-PRO has been carefully formulated from among hundreds of possible ingredients and combinations. This all-natural and satisfying nutritional meal supplement provides the optimum nutrients to facilitate weight management while achieving a healthier body.

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Sama Koffe

Sharing Moments Together

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Are you constantly feeling exhausted, reluctantly dragging yourself out of bed each morning? You are not the only one! Fatigue is common and is believed to affect 1 in 5 people. Prolonged fatigue can affect our concentration and lower our productivity level.

What’s better than having a cup of coffee to kick-start your day? SAMA KOFFE is your ideal energy booster to keep you going! SAMA KOFFE premium 7-in-1 instant premix coffee is a unique blend of aromatic Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, enriched with 3 types of natural Tongkat Ali extract, bamboo salt, stevia and other precious ingredients. This perfectly blended brew will impress most coffee lovers and also provides an energy boost packed with natural goodness!

Enjoy a perfect SAMA KOFFE anytime of the day!


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Crown Gamat Birdnest Peptide

Health & Beauty Starts From Within

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Crown Gamat Birdnest Peptide is made from 7 types of unique and highly nutritious ‘superfoods’ both from sea – Golden Sea Cucumber Extract and land – God’s Crown fruit, exGrape® Grape Seed Extract, Bird’s Nest Extract, Saffron Extract, Vitamin C and Honey, resulting in the most perfect powerful health and beauty-restoring formulation.

Using our proprietary extraction technology that delivers more potency, our latest product comes in a never-before refreshing jelly form Crown Gamat Birdnest Peptide is the first of its kind natural health supplement and it also an amazing beauty product that restores perfectly youthful skin!

KKLIU no.: 2936/2020
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